Our Services


At The Family Link we think of our recipients as an extension of our family.  We pride ourselves on responding to your questions, concerns and needs in a timely manner.  Our goal is to match our staff to our recipients so that they fit well together and form a long lasting bond.  The Family Link encourages our staff to continually go above and beyond meeting your needs.  Our staff works hard to provide personal care services that out perform your expectations.


How Does It Work?


The first step to receiving PCA services is to contact Public Health in the county you reside and request a PCA assessment.


Once you have been assessed and granted PCA services, you will need to call and schedule an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork for The Family Link.  Once paperwork is complete you will need to contact Public Health in your county to let them know the Agency that you have chosen.  At that time the Public Health nurse will submit for a PCA Service Agreement to be issued to the Agency.  Once The Family Link has received your Service Agreement and staff is in place, services can begin.


Please note that services may or may not be granted by Public Health.  Services are based on the assessment done by the Public Health nurse in your county.

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